Finding a Quality Survival Lighter


When you are in harsh conditions, you want to try the very best to survive. A match that won’t work is the worst experience when it’s cold, and you need to keep warm as you wait for a rescue plan. Harsh conditions can vary from windy situations to mountain tops for the hikers or just stuck in a forest for those who love camping.
There are survival lighters capable of solving your situation and help you by assisting when you want to warm a meal or just lighting a fire to keep warm. It is vital for one to try by all means to remain alive.

Qualities to look for in your survival lighters
The products are different from the standard ones to make sure they serve their purpose. One of the features is that they are waterproof and it does not matter if they are wet or completely submerged they can still come to your rescue by lighting efficiently. It is because of their watertight features. Visit to know more.

They are metallic and hard to break, this quality ensures they are always reliable when you need them, it does not matter if the lighter has fallen down the cliff or accidentally run over by a vehicle. It is durable and can facilitate lighting of a fire. It also resists rusting which means you don’t have to worry if you accidentally left it outside where it can get moisture.

Their flames are intense, and unlike ordinary products that get blown away, survival lighters remain stable, and the flames remain steady for a while even when the wind is high. It ensures that one is secure to use them when hiking where there are harsh weather conditions.

They are refillable; this is an advantage to the user since one knows he or she can use the lighter as much as they want. It is also potable meaning that one does not need to break a sweat to carry it while going out.

When the lighting liquid runs out one can still use Ferro rods which are ideal for lighting. They are metallic substances that can produce sparks that light a flame and you can quickly light a fire.

It also has a hands-free use feature meaning that you do not need to use all your hands when trying to light a fire. It gives an advantage to those who have injuries on one arm as they can efficiently use it. Get started at

Making a hiking survival kit? Visit to know more.


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